Tiberius Isle


Tiberius Island is a small, tropical island in the Irenic Ocean. The island was purchased and construction was initiated on the island, but left incomplete due to a lack of funding. The island currently holds host to a small docking area, and a bridge that connects it to nearby Quadri Island.

  • Location: Irenic Ocean
  • District: None
  • Coordinates: 2615s 3965e 1a
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Population: 0
  • Size: 40m x 40m


Tiberius Island is nestled onto a shallow area of the Irenic, where a sand bar has been developing for many years due to the flow of sediment past Toppie Island, which is a short distance from the area. In Tiberius Island's case, the sand bar has broken sea level and created the low lying area. The nearby Quadri Island was also created in this manner.

The island is very small, but holds host to several tropical palm trees. The elevation of the small island is unusually high, partly due to a refacing of the island in the construction process.


Tiberius Island is inaccessable to most vessels with the exception of small boats, due to the shallow sand shoal of the area.