Rising Glen Retreat


Rising Glen Retreat is a residential neighborhood managed by Rising Glen in the western wilderness of the Southern Highlands. The neighborhood was constructed by Rising Glen in 2007 as one of their first real estate projects . The company promoted the grand opening of the area and released it to the public on October 7th, 2007, combining a charasmatic staff with a festival atmosphere to draw large crowds to the area.

Because it is located in such a rural area, Rising Glen Retreat works to respect the environment around it. Prestigious home builders have found this quality particularly appealing and today Rising Glen is home to over 25 residents. Dirt paths connect the homes in the area and most of the buildings are not intrusive to the environment. Wooden shelters built by Rising Glen occasionally meet hikers to provide relief and SUT access points. The region extends south beyond the shoreline, reaching into the southern mountains.


Rising Glen Retreat uses its extensive staff and resources to make becoming a resident in the area easy and fun. Several helpful staff members can be found at the entry area of the neighborhood at all times, who will answer questions visitors have about the area. Rising Glen's real estate system is managed out of the main SW City Real Estate Office at Town Square Park.

Residents of Rising Glen who establish their home get special access to the ResiNet, a network of computer terminals placed across Rising Glen Retreat that displays helpful information about homeowning and the area.

Development History

Several years before Rising Glen began developing in the area, Woolland Co. owned much of the area and attempted to develop a quarry. Staking out several locations, Woolland Co. found much of the rock in the area to be unsuitable for its purposes and has for the most part moved on. One quarry project is still active within the area, although with rising land value it remains to be seen how long the company will hold on to its land claims.

Rising Glen has worked since early 2007 on developing Rising Glen Retreat, and plans to develop the neighborhood in three phases. The first phase, already open, offers land in the lower portions of the highlands and near the shores. The second and third phases will ascend into the mountains of the region, and several transporation features such as a chairlift are planned to traverse the area.


The Highlands Redberry is a semi-common berry that grows on bushes around the Emerald Strand. The berry is used to make a strong, red dye.

People of Interest

Delinda Redmond Redmond works in the Real Estate Office of Rising Glen Retreat. She initially joined on with Rising Glen to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. She is very helpful and answers questions about the area.
ResiNET ResiNET is a computer terminal that is dotted throughout Rising Glen. It answers questions about the area and provides landowners with special downloads and features.
Roger Basil Roger Basil is an old man of the woods who lives an outwardly simple life, but actually has a more extensive history than he leads people to believe.