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Shane Syntax (aka Syntax) is the Mayor of SW City, and Governor of Syntax Estates. He resides in Syntax Mansion located in the Avatar Mountain range where he enjoys building and collecting unique automobiles in his spare time.


Shane Syntax founded SynCorp in 1993 as a small air filter company and it has since grown into one of the big 3 companies in SW City. It is estimated that he has made over 1 trillion ($10 billion) personally through various projects with Syncorp which puts him high-up on the list of the most wealthy SW City residents.

Schattenhorn Incident

During the second weekend of December 2007, Syntax took a skiing trip to the Schattenhorn via helicopter and while unloading supplies, he accidentally slipped on a patch of ice and tumbled 200 meters down the steep mountain face. Breaking nearly every bone in his body and barely hanging on to his life, Syntax was retrieved from the mountainside and was quickly transported to his mansion where medical specialists were waiting to diagnose if he would survive or not. While the doctors convened, Syntax was put into a cryogenic pod where his vitals were slowed to preserve the length of his dwindling life.

The doctors decided that the only thing that could save his life now was expensive Martian surgery. The cryogenic pod containing Syntax, as well as two of the doctors were put on the next shuttle off of Alphaworld heading to Mars. Everything that happened once the shuttle landed on Mars is undocumented, as the cryogenic pod was taken by Martian scientists to an undisclosed, top secret military research facility.

Two days later, after many thought he would not survive the ordeal (Vice President Samuel W. Comit Jr had nearly almost finished moving offices and drafting mind control authorisation laws), Syntax emerged from the miraculous procedure sporting a bionic suit that makes him even stronger than he was before the accident.

Bionic Suit

With the mountainside tumble disabling most of Syntax's biological limbs, the need for a new body was very apparent. The Martian scientists extracted all of his remaining usable parts and fused them with a technologically advanced bionic suit. The suit monitors and sustains all necessary life functions in order to keep a human being alive.