Vladislav Palach


Vladislav Palach was born in the city of Zelena in 1954 to a shig farming family. Vladislav did not take up the family business and instead joined the military where from 1973 to 1982 he served as a scout patrolling the dangerous borders of Zelena, often alone. After being wounded in a bandit attack Vladislav left the military but continued to live as a scout in the outlands near Zelena. During his time living along in the outlands he first encountered and befriended some of the Kyberosoba, which would later become important allies to his plans for the future. During the 90's Vladislav came back to the city of Zelena and started a secret political movement with aims to topple Zelena's military dicatorship. In 1999 his group staged a massive strike and protest by the nation's shig farmers which was quickly followed by most of the nation. The "Wool Revolution" forced Zelena's government to step down and Vladislav was made interim leader. He personally wrote most of Zelena's new laws and constitution with the skill of a laywer despite having no background in law in a show of genius. In 2001 he announced he would not run for president, saying that his popularity was too great and Zelena did not need a cult of personality. Vladislav founded the Zelenian Industrial Cooperative and personally developed many successful industrial development plans. He is the chairman of the ZIC to this day.