Wood Sprite

  • Type: Flying Insect
  • Location: City-wide, but most dominate in Ilexus Forest
  • Size: unknown
  • Weight: unknown


The Wood Sprite is a semi-common species of SW City. They can often be seen flying circles around sites of interest, such as giant trees or statues within parks.

Wood Sprites are among the friendliest of species in the whole animal kingdom. Their docile nature does not make them a threat to anything. This allows them to live in peace; not being preyed on by any other species that may live near them. Scientists describe it as a "I leave you alone, you leave me alone" situation between the Wood Sprites and other species.

Along with their docile nature, they emit a bright light that many find pleasing to the eye. It is relaxing to sit back and watch a group of Wood Sprites slowly drift around in the wind. At night when a group of Wood Sprites retreat to a tree canopy to rest, it almost looks as if the tree is lit up with Christmas lights. The bright light is described as magical by many who witness the Wood Sprite in it's natural habitat.

Wood Sprites are also very similar to Cave Sprites, who can be seen floating deep in the depths of any cave. There is no current proof that the two are different species. The cursed cousin of the Wood Sprite is the Morospri, who only reside within the dark woods of Grimmwood Forest.