Zelfoor is a small mining colony located on a rocky outcrop at the edge of the Terentepa Desert along Vishara's River. One of several colonies belonging to Zelená, Zelfoor is it's westernmost territorial claim.

Zelfoor was established roughly 20 years ago as a work camp during the construction of a wooden float-bridge that provided a very rough trade route between SW City and Zelena. Explorers from Zelena in the area discovered valuable potential in the minerals upon the outcrop, and in hopes of repeating their success at Zlata Ves established a mining colony at the site. The harsh desert terrain has made the venture difficult, but the site provides well and is essential in Zelena's territorial claim to the area, so it continues running to this day.

Recently, the Cyan Line was built along the path of the old trade route, and it runs through the middle of Zelfoor. The train provides more frequent traffic than the former caravans between Zelena and SW City did, and Zelfoor has proved a useful resting point for many passing through.

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