Scrayil Mine


Scrayil Mine is a zinc mine in Downtown Central SW City that is privately owned by the National Union of Miners Association. It is a small operation located due south of Town Square Park, on the corner of Mountain Pass Drive and Griffin Road. The mine tunnels under Mount SW and opens in three locations -- the Mountain Pass Drive location, Haford Divide, and on the southern flank of the mountain.


The mining operation stretches throughout a small cave and is centrally focused along a single cart rail track for ease of transporting minerals. The mine is a rich source of Gritspar, Midium, and Schalinite. These minerals can be easily extracted with a pickaxe with little effort, as such -- in conjunction with its proximity to Town Square Park -- Scrayil Mine has become somewhat of an attraction for hardier types.

NUMA is not lost on this fact, and charges a 10,000 flint permit fee to anyone interested in freelancing in the facilities. In exchange for the fee, prospective miners are allowed to mine whatever they are able and then can sell their cache from any of the mining carts provided through the mine.

People of Interest

NUMA Representative The NUMA Representative mans the front desk at the Mountain Pass Drive office. He sells mining permits to prospective miners for a nominal fee of 10,000f.
Inventory Manager The inventory manager of the NUMA garage is a very to the point type of submin, offering useful containers and tools to make quick work in the mine. Miners that have higher standing with NUMA can purchase higher-tier tools from the inventory manager.
Bruno West Bruno West is an employee of SynCorp who is looking to purchase Swuti crystals off of miners that happen to find them. They are very valuable and fetch a good price with Bruno.
Hazel Vinceson Scared of Heights

Hazel Vinceson is a geologist currently working near the Scrayil Mine on Mount SW.