Gutz Island


Gutz Island is an island located off the eastern shoreline of Syntax Estates in the Irenic Ocean. The island is currently a city landfill and handles 80% of the city's waste.

Gutz Island was once a small settlement that contained a Skylane Tower, Transit Line (which traveled to central Syntax Estates) and a visitor's center. As SW City grew larger, it became no more use and was eventually cut off from all human contact. The Sky Lane became delapitated and eventually fell into the ocean. The transit line was closed in a government budget cut and became condemned only a few short years later.

After a large fire (rumoured to be caused from an SW Army test missile) burned most of the islands habitat, it became a dead-zone. No trees or wildlife could grow. The SW City government proposed that the island be used as the city's new landfill. The rest is history.


A full beach around the outer edges of the island with little to no vegetation within the waste retaining walls. Some trees grow on the outer edges of the island, even if they are half dead.


The SW City government set aside approximately 20 billion flint for the construction of the landfill. Included in the budget was the waste retaining wall, a crane, a headquarters and sleeping quarters for the tenant, a fleet of CommieCorp haulers (CommieCorp Orbiter and CommieCorp Grizzly) and a staff of approximately 20 labourers.

Palm Sea Shipping supplied the funding and labour for the docks which can be found on the eastern side of the island behind the headquarters. In return, the company won the contract to haul the garbage from the compacting plant to the landfill.